Cary Grant

“I’ve often been accused by critics of being myself on-screen. But being oneself is more difficult than you’d suppose.”- Cary Grant

Full Name: Archibald Alexander Leach

Birthdate: January 18, 1904

Death: November 29, 1986 (at the age of 82)

Birthplace: Horfield, Bristol, England (UK)

Academy Award Wins: Honorary Award (1970)

Academy Award NominationsPenny Serenade (Best Actor, 1941), None But the Lonely Heart (Best Actor, 1944)

Parents: Elias James Leach and Elsie Maria Kingdon

Trademarks: Frequently played a romantic, handsome bachelor. Known for the dimple in his chin. Often had roles in romantic comedies. Worked with Alfred Hitchcock multiple times.

Fun Facts: Donated his entire salary from The Philadelphia Story to the British troops. He was far-sighted and often wore glasses. Changed his name to Cary Grant. He never once played the role of a villain.

Favorite CG filmBringing Up Baby (1938) or North by Northwest (1959)

Why do I consider Cary Grant one of my favorite actors? Cary was calm, cool, and collected in almost every single one of his films. He set the bar for a classy attitude and dapper style. The roles Cary played, no matter how dramatic, always had a witty personality which he could execute perfectly. It is fascinating to watch how effortlessly Cary carried (pun not intended) himself on screen. There is a certain sense of elegance to him.

Cary was a very versatile actor. He could be the funny guy, like in Bringing Up Baby, or the mysterious charmer, like in Notorious. Whatever the role was, Cary could add his own style and charisma to it. He will always be remembered as one of the greatest actors ever.